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Table of Contents

Steps to Better Communication 11
Importance of Presentation Skills  11
The World of Communication  12
What This Book is Not About  14
No, Nos in Public Speaking  16
Five Sure Ways to Kill a Presentation  17
The Process of Communicating  18
Speech Versus Presentation  21
The Five Quintessential Elements  22
The Number One Fear  23
Desire and Persistence  25
The Learning Steps  29
Perceived Confidence  31
Six Ways to Improve Confidence  32
There is Nothing for Nothing  34
Make Mistakes and Learn  35
I.     Speech 39
Presentation Objectives  42
Use the "Right" Vocabulary  49
Selecting the Presentation Topic  54
Organizing Your Presentation  55
The Misunderstood 80/20 Rule  61
Reading a Prepared Speech  63
Effective Ways to Begin Your Speech  71
Be Heard! Improve Your Voice  85
Cliches to Avoid  90
How to End a Speech with Impact  93
Secrets to Delivering a Speech  97
II.     Body Language99
Impact of Facial Expressions  102
Power of a Smile  103
Importance of Eye Contact  105
Where to Put Your Hands  107
Shoulders and Head Positioning  109
How You Stand is Everything  113
Analyze Your Audience Instantly  114
Handling Your Nervousness  116
Dress for a Power Presentation  118
Secrets of Power Looks  123
Secrets of Body Language  124

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