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If two equally educated and qualified people offer similar
solutions to a problem . . . the one who knows how to present
with power will always have a much better chance of having
his/her ideas implemented.
     This book is not a quick fix. Learning how to make Power
TM takes time. And you will still be nervous when
speaking in front of others, just before you start. (Everyone is!)
What it will do is give you the skills, and the confidence, to
move past your fears and become a successful presenter.
     Secrets of Power Presentations does not need to be read
from beginning to end. Feel free to use it like a reference
manual - each chapter, part and subtitle is designed as a
stand-alone module.
     For optimum results, however, you should read it at least
three times from cover to cover. Use a pen or pencil to circle and
underline the ideas which you think will improve your next
presentation. Share these techniques with a co-worker or a
friend. You will grow fastest when you get feedback from a
person who also knows these secrets.
     If you want to learn even more, I suggest you also read my
second book, Leadership from Within. The most powerful
presenters are those who are moved "from within". Speakers
who know their values, their vision and their passion, and take risks
to communicate these with others.

Good luck and all the best in the continuous improvement
of your presentation skills.

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