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Canadian Cataloguing In Publication Data

Bender, Peter Urs, 1944 -
Secrets of Power Presentations

ISBN 0-9695066-0-0
1. Public speaking. 2. Business communication.
3. Self-preservation. 4. Success in business.
I. Achievement Group (Toronto, Ont.) II. Title.

HF5718.22.B46 1991 658.4'52 C91-093501-7

Published by:
The Achievement Group
Toronto, Ontario
M1T 3M7

Typesetting and Design by:
NEW AGE Word Processing
Toronto, Ontario

Cover Design by:
RAME Design
Toronto, Ontario

Portrait by:
Greg Northcott
The Studio
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Printed in Canada by:
WEBCOM, Toronto, Ontario

Coyright 1991, 1997 by Peter Urs Bender
All Rights Reserved

Eighth Edition

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