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and showed great patience with my obsession for details.
     Another key contributor has been my wife, Francie, who
took the time to edit my work and give it a more polished look.
Without her thoughtful input it would not be what it is.
     Reva Nelson of Words. Worth Professional Communica-
tions and author of "RISK it!" reviewed my first edition and
offered many helpful suggestions. Thank you.
     Numerous readers of earlier editions sent me kind and
warm thank-you letters. Some suggested helpful hints. I'm
particularly grateful to Ann Gasior of Okanagan University
College for her ideas on Computers and Group Presentations.
I took the liberty to use many of them in the book.
     Thank you to Philip Fisher of High-Tech Communic-
ations for introducing me to the power of computers. Without
them, I would never have been able to publish this book or
market myself as effectively. I cannot imagine running my
business today without a computer.
     I am very grateful to George Torok and John Robert
Colombo - the first Power PresentationsTM licencees - for their
suggestions. They have helped so much and are such good
presenters, I value working with them.
     Finally, my thanks to Pearl Yaffe of NEW AGE Word
Processing for her work on this edition; and to Eric Hellman,
who contributed some great suggestions and helped make this
edition the most outstanding of all.

Ninety-nine percent of speakers
could use more self-confidence
   when they start their presentation!   

- Peter Urs Bender   

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