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This book is the culmination of many years' experience as a
speaker in the business world. The ideas I will share with you
are not new, but they are assembled together for the first time
in one convenient guide.
     My knowledge has been gained from presentations made
over the years, from listening to friends, reading books, and
making mistakes. Others have helped me develop these ideas:
colleagues in business, peers at the National Speakers Asso-
ciation, clients, and my former students. I have tested each
idea quite a few times before real audiences, and so you can rest
assured, they really do work!
     Having dyslexia, a learning disability, and suffering
through school did not help much in writing my book. How-
ever, I had a lot of input from others.
     In particular, I wish to thank Michael McClintock for
helping to develop and edit the manuscript based on my ideas.
Mike attended two of my courses, Effective Persuasion and
Public Speaking, at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. In both,
he obtained an A+, which only a very few students ever
achieved. He also worked with me for some time as an assist-
ant, and directed me to communicate the quintessential points
in as few words as possible. Mike himself is now a pro in
presenting and some of the concepts I will share with you
actually came from him. I wish Mike the very best as he
advances in his challenging and rewarding business career.
     Many thanks to: Muriel and Arnold Dube of The Fine
Print, who read the manuscript and offered many useful
suggestions; Muriel did a fine job of the original layout and
design. Dr. Martin Kates and Martin Ossip, who also com-
mented on the manuscript; the book is a better one because of
their contributions. Laura Brown for her careful proof reading.
And Jill Scott of Greenfield Projects for her talent in creating
the drawings you will see. Together, they all put in many hours

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