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"In closing my presentation..."

This regains the attention of the listeners and sets you up to
make a summary statement or call to action. Although it may
sound amateurish it is a good way to keep the audience awake
on a sleeper topic. You might even say it a few times in the
middle of your presentation if you see heads nodding off!

"I want to leave you with..."

Using this technique, you are giving your listeners something
more; an idea, a piece of advice. Make it useful and be sure that
it leaves them feeling good.
     Above all, when you conclude your presentation, smile
with all of your pride - stand tall. Walk slowly to your seat and
look as confident as you can. Even if you screwed up, you are
probably the only one who noticed! But when you have fin-
ished, everyone will watch you again and judge you by the way
you returned confidently to your seat. So, keep your shoulders
back, your chin up and smile!
     My principal message in this book is that communicating
to a business audience is much more than simply giving a
speech. You must present yourself and your ideas in total. This
is one of the secrets to power presentations.

Leave them laughing. . .
Leave them crying. . .
Leave them with hope. . .
But please do not just
Leave them. . .

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