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How to End a Speech

As with your opening and, like a flight, your presentation
should have a smooth conclusion that neatly ties everything
together. I recommend that you do not read your closing
statement from notes. Do have it ready in case you have a
"brown out". However, to ensure sincerity, your closing should
come from within as much as possible. The delivery, if not the
content, should be spontaneous.
     Here are a few effective endings that can be prepared in

Summarize Your Presentation

Reiterate your objective in speaking and demonstrate that you
have fulfilled that purpose. End with things like,
"In summary, there are five ways we can keep our
customers for ever"
or "In conclusion, there are three
points I want to summarize..."

Close with an Anecdote

The story should tie everything together and exemplify
the kind of action or behaviour you expect from your listener as a
result of your presentation.
     Use one which effectively illustrates your most important
point and makes the audience feel good.

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