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"You know..."
This is a typical nervous habit. Listen to your everyday
conversations and you will certainly hear it too. Generally,
people who say, "you know", want feedback. In public speaking
you will have to learn to control this.

The #1 killer of speakers and conversationalists everywhere.
Saying nothing is better than "Uhhh". Stop to collect your
thoughts first, then talk. What’s surprising is that some
believe that "Uh..." makes you sound more intelligent and
reflective! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Do not
mumble during a presentation, ever! Speak English instead. If
you cannot remember what to say, shut up and think. The
audience will appreciate it if you do.

"For all intents and purposes..."
What does that stand for? This is pure babbling and does not
have any meaning in itself. Do not say it.

"So on and so forth...."
This is another empty, useless, unnecessary phrase.

"Today I am going to speak about..."
This is an amateurish way of beginning. Sadly, too many start
off that way. There is no power in this kind of opening. Grab

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