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Your credibility and believability is much more easily
established if you get a strong introduction from someone the
audience already knows and respects. It is much better to have
others say nice things about you than for you to do it yourself!
However, many presentations suffer because of poor intro-
ductions. Sometimes the person introducing you is a terrible
speaker and says things that are inaccurate, confusing to the
audience, or simply ignorant of your expertise. Some even tell
bad, offensive jokes or mention things which undermine the
points you will be trying to make in your presentation. This can
really hurt your performance and make it hard for you to
establish credibility.
     The secret of a smooth, effective introduction therefore is
to prepare it in advance for the person who will introduce you.
It is critical that you provide the introducer with some material
to use. I recommend that you supply him/her with a written
introduction which can be read aloud word for word. In this
way, they will be saying exactly what you want. Most intro-
ducers appreciate this. Be fair and objective about yourself and
willing to have them talk about your accomplishments. As long
as these are relevant to your topic, they are important to
include. Discourage the introducer from ad libbing or changing
your prepared text. Explain that the success of your presenta-
tion depends on a smooth introduction with the material
     If possible, personally select the person who will intro-
duce you. Then, provide them with the prepared introduction
that will start your presentation smoothly. Do not pick some-
one who is known for publicly boosting their own ego. They
might talk more about themselves than you!
     You will not always have the luxury of picking your intro-
ducer. At certain functions, the presiding officer will announce
you. At a formal dinner, for example, the chairperson will
designate a member to introduce you and another to thank
you. Most times, the introducer will prepare in advance.

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