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My favorite slide/overhead reads:

   Switzerland in the   
the Spring

Canada in the
the Fall

It does not say: Switzerland in the Spring, Canada in the Fall
. . . Please read it again . . .

How I Use This Overhead

     At the beginning, or during a presentation, the audience
is asked to stand up and the projector is turned on. They are
instructed to read what appears on the screen.
     Then I ask them: "If you read differently than I do, please
sit down." I repeat 3-4 times "Switzerland in the Spring,
Canada in the Fall". Most are still standing while I smile and
end by reading what is really on the overhead. "Switzerland
in the the Spring, Canada in the the Fall!"
     The purpose of this exercise is to remind audiences that
we must look at things differently in order to understand.
When we get set in our ways of approaching problems, either
in business or in our private lives, we miss very important
opportunities and ideas. The edge goes to those who can look
at themselves, their problems and unresolved issues, from
different points of view. Please feel free to use this to prepare
an overhead transparency and show it to your management

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