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with the remaining one-third coming from any written
materials you hand out or visual aids you use.

Make a Promise

Be realistic and be sure that you are able to follow through. For
"In the next 20 minutes, I am going to share with you
an idea that, if implemented will increase company
sales by up to 20%..."

"In the next hour, I am going to take you through an
exercise that will greatly enhance your customer

"After I finish this seminar, you will all be able to
make much better presentations than ever before."
Show a Two Minute Video

This could possibly be an introduction of your company, your-
self, a statement about the importance of your topic, or a quick
summary of the main points of your presentation. It may be
expensive to do this but it is worthwhile if you plan to make the
same presentation many times to different audiences.

Start With an Overhead Transparency or Slide

You might consider beginning a discussion with a slide or
overhead. The multi-media impact of such a visual at the start
will help you capture and hold the listeners' attention.

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