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Ask the Audience a Challenging Question

Some examples:
"How long will it take us to develop a widget which
is superior in quality yet lower in price?"

"How long, at the present rate will it take before the
world’s forests are completely depleted?"

"What is the single most common cause of business
failure today?"

"What does each department have to do in order for
our company to regain its position as industry leader?

     In asking a challenging question, be sure that you pro-
vide an answer later in your presentation, or you should help
the audience find the answer on its own.

Ask for a Show of Hands

Of course, not everyone will cooperate with you and do this.
There is a difference in response between American and
Canadian audiences, between extroverts and introverts. Some
find this technique childish. However, you will find that most
audiences will participate. Ask good relevant questions. Get to
know the different groups represented in your audience, where
they come from, how many years each person has been with the
company and so on. Be sincere and acknowledge their
answers. An effective technique for producing a show of hands
is to raise your own hand and hold it high above your head.
Demonstrate what you ask your audience to do. It is like

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