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filled each year. More significantly, 32,000 heart-
beats would be missed in every human heart each

"If all of our unhappy customers were to hold hands,
we would have a chain around the perimeter of a
football field..."

"If we stacked up all the thank you letters from our
customers the pile would be one hundred feet high..."

"If we maintain our present profit margin, the com-
pany will be bankrupt by..."
Refer to a Statement Made by a
Preceding Speaker

If you are at a conference or convention and previous speakers
said something of relevance to your topic, refer to it. It is always
a nice gesture. If you feel that they made an important
contribution, compliment them and tell the audience just what
you gained from their message. It is important to evaluate the
audience reaction. If they liked what the speaker had to say,
you have an opportunity to emphasize your own position more
strongly. Paying compliments to others is always a class act.
For example:
"Before I begin, I want to comment on what John
Smith was saying about the importance of teamwork
in our company. The advice he gave you worked very
well for me..."
(tell a story illustrating the validity
of the previous speakerís point).

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