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audience. Use Post-it notes rather than book marks which
have a tendency to fall out just when you are trying to locate
the page. Practice reciting the quotation several times in
advance. Get the rhythm of the phrasing right for maximum
effect. Do not stumble because of lack of practice.

Make a Striking Statement

Be sure it is true. Make use of dramatic effect. For example:

"Our company could become the industry leader if
we successfully implement the proposal I am about to
share with you . . ."

"If we continue to waste time at meetings at the rate
we are doing, our company will be bankrupt in ten
     The point is to jolt the audience with a new thought, to
challenge them to consider something unusual or uncommon,
to arouse their curiosity.

Use an Unusual Statistic

Here is a good example:
"99.9% is not good enough! A study by the Quality
Control Institute of California determined that if we
were satisfied with 99.9% accuracy, 22,000 cheques
would be cashed by the wrong bank every hour, 50
newborn babies would be dropped every day, 500
incorrect surgical operations would take place each
week, 20,000 drug prescriptions would be incorrectly

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