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Acknowledge the Occasion and the Audience

This is effective for special conferences and unique meetings
where your listeners will not have been gathered together
before. Try these:
"Today is a very special occasion because..."

"This is the first time that we have gathered all of our
managers from coast to coast in one room..."

"It is especially appropriate that we are talking
about XYZ today because..."

Your opening statement will indicate how your topic is appro-
priate for that audience at that particular time.

Pay the Listeners a Compliment

Be sure that it is sincere. Warm them up. Establish trust:

"I want to thank all of you for your hospitality last
night when I first arrived. You have a reputation for
friendliness and now I know why..."

"For many years, I have worked with the company’s
accounting department and I have admired the
training your division has provided its employees.
Obviously, you’re all very good at what you do. My
purpose today is to help you to...."
We are all the same. We appreciate it when someone says
something good about us. Always give compliments in the first
quarter of your presentation to help build rapport and trust.

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