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Let Your Visuals Be Your Notes

If you use several overhead transparencies, flipcharts, slides
or handouts (see Page 144 on Equipment) during your presen-
tation you really do not need note cards. Your key words will
already be there on the visuals.
     When presenting, just look at them and then at the
audience. This will help your body language as well. You will
appear a lot more natural glancing at a flipchart than looking
down at your cards.
     This approach will keep you thinking on your feet and
will still provide security if something goes wrong.


Be sure you do a trial run... I suggest you go through the entire
speech first without an audience. Practice, practice, practice.

A Presentation Is Like A Flight

It has a take-off and a landing - an opening and a closing. In
between, there may be some turbulence or rough riding. But,
just like a flight, as long as you take off and land smoothly and
safely, your presentation is a success!
     If you have kept the attention of your audience, you have
succeeded. In the middle, you may make some mistakes.
     Some members of the audience might drift away or look
like they might fall asleep - never a good sign! Someone might
challenge your facts and figures outright.
     However, like a pilot, a skillful presenter makes mid-air
corrections to stay safely on course. If you slip up, minimize the
damage and continue with a smile.
     A presentation is judged by how well you met your stated
objectives and not by how many mistakes you made.

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