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what you said or what is next! Do not panic.

Inexperienced speakers typically do the following
during a brownout: they suddenly realize they are
lost; panic strikes; they signal messages of great
discomfort; they bite their lips, lower them a bit, tilt
their head down and put on their most defensive look.
The audience wakes up and everybody in the room
notices that the speaker is lost!

     You, however, will be different. You simply smile and go
on to the next card. Not the one in front of you, but the one
following. Look at the first word on it. This will be the point
from which you will now continue. Just move on.
     Of course you missed part of your speech. So what? Just
follow my techniques - cheerfully, with a smile - and nobody
but you will notice! Your audience will blame themselves for
not following your thoughts. They will think they should not
have had so much to drink the night before. Or they will blame
themselves for day dreaming! For sure, they will think that it
is their fault!

Why Use Notecards?

  • They are more convenient and less obvious than
    8.5 by 11 inch paper
  • They prevent embarrassment from brownouts
  • They make you look prepared and polished
  • They encourage you to think on your feet

   Do not read your speech.   
Read your audience!

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