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Develop a Catchy Title

Choosing a good title will give you focus as you prepare and it
will arouse the interest of others prior to the event. Think of a
"grabber" that is short, vivid, easy to say, original and memo-
     One way to do this is to write out your mission statement
and then reduce it to the key words. Soon you will end up with
a unique and powerful title.
     Develop several alternatives and ask others for their
preference. Keep making changes until you arrive at one that
excites, pleases, and enthuses everyone.

Mapping Your Presentation Outline

A great way to begin organizing your presentation is to "map"
your ideas determining how they relate to each other. If you are
new to presenting (or to a certain topic area) the outline of your
message may not be readily apparent.
     A map will help you to determine which are the essential
or primary points to cover and which are secondary.
  • Start with the topic written in the centre of a blank
  • What related issues come to mind? Write them
    down. Draw lines connecting each related word to
    the centre.
  • For each new word, think of related key words and
    draw connecting lines. Be inclusive rather than
  • Write down as many correlated key words as you
    can to ensure that you havenít missed anything.
     The value of mapping is that it helps you to visualize
abstract, complex topics and their related concepts. It also
helps you to make choices concerning your talk. You can
always cut out material if you have too much.

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