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Familiar Language Builds Rapport and Trust

Professional presenters know that one key to acceptance and
respect is to look, talk, and act the way the audience does. This
creates familiarity and builds trust. If you use familiar words
and concepts, everyone will be more interested and attentive.
They will be more open to your way of thinking. This is
especially important when speaking about a controversial

Donít talk to your audience in a manner
which creates unnecessary distance.

Donít talk down to them by using sophisti-
cated words, foreign expressions or obscure
quotations, unless you are sure theyíll
appreciate them.

Donít come across as arrogant in your
knowledge of your subject and its termin-
ology: communicate to listeners in language
that they can understand.

If you address a technical or academic group, you should use
their precise buzzwords. If they tend to be very serious, you
could lighten them up by using more colourful language. Your
aim is to be understood and that becomes much easier when
the audience accepts you.

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