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beginning and emotion in the middle.
     The early part of the presentation is when you are
warming up the audience. Start on a light note and get
progressively more serious and personal.
     Help the audience feel good about what you have said.
End on a positive note. A good presentation should follow the
"MMFG-AM" formula: "Make Me Feel Good About Myself".
People need to be reassured that they are good human beings,
that they are in control of their lives and able to cope with life’s
     A responsible speaker will never leave the listeners
feeling helpless and hopeless. Do not depress them. Never
criticize without offering constructive solutions. Offer ideas to
make the situation better.

Move Them to Action!

Most business people making presentations have to persuade
others to do something they are not currently doing. In devel-
oping your message in a presentation, ask yourself, what is the
one thing you want the audience to do in reaction to your
     Do you want your employees to accept a new company
     Do you want the audience to buy your product or service?
     Do you want your head office to approve the expense of a
powerful "Presentations Seminar"?
     Do you want the committee to vote "Yes" for your new idea
or project?
     Do you want the personnel committee to promote you?
     Write out the call-to-action in the form of a question you
will ask at the end of your presentation. Be specific and direct.
You have to request a commitment! Here are some examples:

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