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Next time you watch TV, pay close attention to the different
communication objectives met by the program you are watch-
     As a presentation, it must have at least one of four
objectives: to inform, to entertain, to touch the audience’s
emotions, or to move them to action. Usually television focuses
on entertainment. But if it doesn’t involve any one of the four
objectives, you are wasting your time!

To Inform

This is the most common objective. When you inform, you are
sharing knowledge. You are providing news which should be
interesting and helpful. Be careful to talk only about data that
is relevant to the audience’s needs or wants.
     Do not waste time explaining ideas they do not care
about. And remember, too much information is deadly. People
can absorb only so much. If they become overwhelmed you
have lost them.
     Do not place too much emphasis on one particular pre-
sentation objective to the detriment of others. Decide what is
essential and leave out the rest. Interested listeners can
always ask you for more details later.
     However, if you do not provide your audience with enough
information during the presentation, your credibility and
competence will soon be questioned. The audience will be
unable to act the way you want. Listeners must have sufficient
facts to make a favourable decision or your efforts will have
been wasted.

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