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Your Presentation Objectives

What is the message you want to convey? What are your
objectives in talking to your audience? What knowledge or
experience do you have that can benefit people?
     An effective presentation demands that you market your
topic and yourself. You have to sell your ideas and yourself to
the audience.
     To be a successful presenter, you must develop an ap-
proach which addresses the listeners’ interests as specifically
and personally as possible.
     Your presentation may not always seem, at first glance,
to benefit your audience and may even seem threatening to
them. Sometimes you will need to present ideas that are more
important to the corporation than to the personal interests of
the listener.
     Often in life there is a difference between what we want
to do and what we must do. You may find yourself having to
present concepts people do not want to hear at all. The
challenge then rests in finding a benefit for your audience -
admittedly no easy task - but possible.

A Speech has to have at least one of four
  • to inform,
  • to entertain,
  • to touch the emotions,
  • to move to action.
A good presentation covers all four objectives.

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