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The content of your presentation is important. Yet, it is not
only what you say that makes the difference, it is how you
present it that determines if and how your message will come
across. Understanding is the test of effective communication.
If your concept is not grasped, you did not do a good job.


It is unfortunate that the way we communicate often distorts
what we are trying to say. Your topic is not everything. It is
what you do with it that really counts! There are some excep-
tions of course. Some presentations do succeed in spite of the
poorest techniques. You can announce a 20% raise or two extra
weeks vacation for your staff and they will not care how you do
it! You can do a terrible job and they will still love you. The
power of certain messages is sometimes enough in itself.
However, most of the time, the way you say it determines
whether you will be understood and have your ideas accepted.


You have to believe whole-heartedly in your message. If you do
not, it will show. Let us assume that head office asks you to
explain to your people that every department in the company
must remain open 30 minutes more per day, but you do not
agree. You have a choice: Do not present, change your mind, or
resign. Remember: "Lead, follow, or get the hell out". Do not
talk to your staff until you are in harmony with the topic.

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