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Remember When You Learned to Walk?

When we acquire a new skill or perform a task for the first time,
there is an initial start-up period during which the amount of
effort we put in far exceeds the results gained.
     This happens when learning to ride a bicycle, going on a
diet, or learning to speak in public. In the beginning it is a real
struggle and the results are minimal.
     Most people give up after the first or second try. Very few
last beyond three attempts. All it takes is one bad speech or one
shaky impression and a lot of us chicken out! Some never try
     However, we all eventually learned to walk. The reason
we did is that we just kept trying and falling down until we
finally succeeded. Nobody with a normal mind ever stops a
child trying to walk because they fall on the floor a few times!
     The problem with being an adult is that the risks of
failure seem too great for us to be willing to take chances. We
are often afraid of what others will think of us if we look foolish.
For this reason many never try to become better presenters.
     They abandon their goal because of concern with what
others will think of them should they fail.

Our greatest glory
is not in never falling,
   but in rising every time we fall.   
            - Confucius

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