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energy and time on bringing confidence, impact and polish to
what you have to say.

Does Practice Make Perfect?

There are four stages through which we pass to learn a new
skill: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, con-
scious competence, and unconscious competence. These are
highlighted in the accompanying chart.
     Having purchased this book you probably arenít an un-
conscious incompetent! However, you might be a conscious
incompetent or a conscious competent. Many presenters re-
main unconscious incompetents. Unfortunately, they are the
ones who need to improve their skills the most, and they didnít
buy this book!
     Very few people are unconscious competents - this means
that they can give excellent presentations without thinking
about what they are doing.
     The problem with being an unconscious competent is that
it is easy to fall unexpectedly down the stairs to unconscious
     These people might be company Presidents or gurus of
the industry and nobody dares tell them how bad they are!
     Always be aware of where you are. This way, you will
have more control over yourself and your presentation.

   When you're green   
you grow.
When you're ripe
you rot!

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