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Desire and Persistence: The Keys to Success

Everyone who has ever accomplished an outstanding task
knows that it takes many failures to gain one success. Most
achievers do not make it on the first try. However, they believe
so much in what they are doing that they simply cannot quit.
They have the guts to keep going and the ability to analyze
their mistakes to determine where they need to improve.
     This is how athletes win Olympic gold medals, scientists
make great discoveries and entrepreneurs launch successful
new businesses. It is also how you will become a powerful,
master presenter.

1. You must want to be a better presenter!
2. You must believe in yourself 100% in
order for your efforts to pay off.

     Become passionate about your message and your ability
to communicate it. Pursue the goal of excellence in both
knowledge of your topic and your ability to present it. Half-
hearted wishing will only bring disappointing results.
     If you do not sincerely desire to develop your skills, you
will give up too soon and your efforts will have been wasted!
     Persistence and self-improvement go hand in hand. After
all, you cannot improve unless you try and you cannot improve
if you give up too soon. But most of all, you cannot improve if
you do not know what you want to accomplish!
     As the saying goes, "If you donít know where you are
going, any road will get you there." Therefore, once you know
the areas in need of improvement, you will know where you
should focus your attention and energy.
     Some people may need to develop more confidence in
speaking to a group. Others may need to create a more

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