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     ITC has an excellent four point training program of
proficient communication, personal development, organiza-
tional techniques, and leadership. Member clubs, which meet
regularly, include people from all walks of life who have a goal
of self improvement. There are quite a few chapters in Canada.
International Training in Communication
P.O. Box 4249
Anaheim, California 92803, USA
Phone (714) 995-3660
For the Professional Speaker

If you are a more advanced speaker, a trainer or someone who
would like to be a full time speaking professional, you should
belong to the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
They have chapters across Canada.
Canadian Assn. of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
Toronto - Phone (905) 451-1794
CAPS is associated with the U.S. National Speakers Assocation.
For professional development, you must attend their summer
convention and winter workshops
National Speakers Association (NSA)
1500 South Priest Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85281, USA
Phone (602) 968-2552

   Learn from those who know,   
then pass it on to others!

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