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  • Be known as someone who sticks to the agenda
    and no one will take advantage of you. They will
    look forward to dealing with you because you
    respect their time.

  • Plan so that no one is allowed to waste partici-
    pants’ time. Let latecomers ask for an update at
    the end of the meeting. Discourage idle chit-chat.

  • Discourage hecklers and anyone who disrupts the
    meeting. Show that you are fair but intolerant of
    anyone who abuses the opportunity to meet and
    deal with important business.

  • Consider having a fine for lateness. Everyone
    should agree in advance how much the penalty
    should be and what the money collected will be
    used for - perhaps a charity or a coffee and
    donuts fund.
    Everyone will hate to be penalized for being late
    and you’ll be able to start on time!


  Re: Meetings, Speeches and Books. . .   

  Do not judge them by length. . .

  I could have used twice as many words
  and shared only half as many tips. . .

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