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Checklist for the Prepared Presenter

24 Hours
Before Your Presentation
  • Be sure that your briefcase is packed with:
      - An introduction, written out in full for
         someone else to read.
      - Prepared overhead transparencies or flip-
      - Prepared handouts - wrapped to keep them

  • Know exactly how to get to your speaking
    location. Leave enough time in case you get lost,
    take the wrong highway exit, or become stuck in
    traffic! Have a plan in case your car breaks down!

  • Know the names of your contact meeting orga-
    nizers. Be sure that you have their telephone
    numbers handy in case of last minute problems
    with the presentation arrangements.

  • Know the names of important people attending
    your presentation. Practice their names. If you
    can, find out something about them which you
    can mention if and when you run into them.

  • Bring felt markers, overhead pens, pencils (for
    handout exercises), whiteboard pens and eraser,
    chalk and a chalk brush. Do not assume the
    meeting room will have these things.

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