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  • If possible, check out the room in which you will
    speak a week before hand. Find out how much
    rearranging you will need to do. Draw a diagram.

  • Prepare a powerful introduction for yourself, to
    be given by another person. Write it out in full, to
    be read by the introducer word for word.

  • Pick out the clothes you will wear. Be sure that
    they have been properly cleaned.

  • Practice deep-breathing exercises so that you will
    be relaxed and in control at the time of your

  • Visualize your audience. See everyone smiling at
    you, eagerly and with anticipation! Visualize
    their expressions changing as you speak to them.
    See them applauding and laughing at your one-

  • Be animated and enthusiastic when you present.
    But adapt to the audience. Be just a bit more
    enthusiastic than they are.

  • Add drama and energy to your presentation.
    Practice saying these words over and over to

"I feel like taking on whole armies
by myself...
I have ten hearts. I have 100 arms.
   I feel too strong to war with mortals.   
Bring me GIANTS!"

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