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  • Arrange name tags. Clearly display the first
    name of the participant. Have them handed out
    at the entrance to your meeting room.

  • Mix assigned seating of the audience to encour-
    age interaction. People who know each other
    should be discouraged from sitting together.

  • Appropriate dress for participants should be
    publicized well in advance. Make it very clear
    whether your presentation requires formal or
    casual clothing.

  • Changes in presentation location or numbers of
    participants should be reported to you and the
    invited guests no less than 48 hours in advance.

  • Give out evaluation forms at the end of the
    presentation to get audience feedback. Include
    questions such as: What are the three best ideas
    you gained from the presentation? How do you
    plan to implement them? How might you
    improve the content and delivery of the

Under promise
   and over deliver.   

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