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Booking Arrangements
for Your
  • Announce your presentation as soon as the dates
    are confirmed. Give people as much advance
    notice as possible. Confirm the location.

  • Announce the presentation topic and its signifi-
    cance to the audiences. Stress the benefits of your
    ideas and how you will help the participants meet
    their goals or solve their problems.

  • Publicize yourself and your background creden-
    tials well in advance. Get the organizers to do it
    for you, but give them biographical material with
    which to work. Get others to establish your

  • Be sure that the meeting facilities will be appro-
    priate for the size of the gathering and the tone
    you wish to set. The room should not detract from
    the objectives you have set.

  • If appropriate, plan to serve a light, low-cost
    lunch such as soup and salad. Donít serve alcohol.
    For breakfast sessions, serve coffee, tea, juice,
    muffins, croissants. Do not serve sweet danishes
    or donuts as sugar will cause your listeners to get
    a quick high and then fall asleep.

  • Ban smoking from the meeting area. Hide all of
    the ashtrays in advance. If necessary, provide a
    place for smokers to use during breaks.

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