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Group Presentations

One day, you may be required to deliver a presentation as part
of a team. It is important for the team to give a balanced and
coherent presentation; that is, the parts should be clear and
impactful on their own, and yet fit together as a ‘seamless’
whole. To achieve this, you will need to work with one another
to adapt the techniques of delivering individual presentations.

Work Together
  • The team presentation should have a clear
    beginning, middle, and end.

  • The team member introducing the presentation
    provides an overview of each person’s topic.

  • The one concluding the presentation provides a
    summary of all topics presented.

  • Each presentation has a clear beginning, middle
    and end. It will be helpful for the audience if
    they can associate a main idea with each speaker.

  • Speakers should balance their time so that one
    person does not dominate the presentation.

  • To avoid distraction, whoever is speaking should
    stand two feet in front of the others, or be the
    only one standing.

  • When using computers or other audio-visual aids,
    team members may assist the speaker by
    operating the equipment or changing the

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