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familiar with your presentation and the hardware/software. If
you operate the equipment yourself, decide how to maintain
eye contact and rapport with the audience. One way to do this
is to place the computer and projection equipment on a cart
that is low enough that you can see your audience. Make sure
that you can still reach and operate the keyboard or mouse.

Simple Computer Design Tips

The same principles that apply to creating transpar-
encies also apply to designing computer visuals.
Remember two simple rules: Less is more; and More is
less. Keep it simple, elegant, and most of all, readable.
If people can’t see and understand your visuals, they’re
worthless - no matter how good they look!
  • Use two bold fonts, one for titles (headings)
    and one for the main text

  • Use a maximum of three colours

  • Mix Upper and lower case letters

  • Don't use UPPER CASE, except where
    essential for emphasis (or on tombstones)

  • Headings and subheadings should be

  • Make the print face large enough to be seen
    at a distance

  • Text should be well spaced

  • Be sure you title all graphs and charts

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