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Whatís In It For Them?

Ultimately, the key to a powerful presentation is to be con-
scious of your objective. Remind yourself whatís in it for them.
How will the audience benefit from listening to you? Knowing
the benefits of what you have to say will give you greater

Whatís In It For You?

Presenting is one of the most exciting challenges youíll ever
take on. You are in a unique position to share your ideas and
experience with others. Mastery in presenting to one group
will inevitably lead to even greater triumphs before future
     However, one thing is certain, if you give a bad presenta-
tion, everyone will talk about it and word will get around fast!
     Unfortunately, unless you are an outstanding presenter
and even if you give a good presentation, your audience will not
necessarily tell everyone how good you are. Thatís life! Itís up
to you to recognize when youíve done your best and know those
areas where you can still improve. Sometimes things will go
wrong. Preparation and a positive mental attitude will help
you minimize the negative impact of such occurrences.

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