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Smart Alecks

Have the name of the employee of the month, star manager, or
top producer of the company written on a notecard. Memorize
it. If interrupted, call the offender by that name, saying: "Oh,
you must be . . . . . . . . . . Iíve heard all about you! Why donít
you come up and tell us more about how youíd do this....".

Recycle Your Old Speeches

Keep a file somewhere in your office, where you can store
presentations you have given. After a short time, two to three
years, you can start to recycle quite a bit of the old material!
     Always remember, it is easier to find a new audience than
to create a new speech!
     Just look at yourself - where were you three years ago?
Are you still surrounded by the same people, in the same
department, in the same company? The answer is probably no.
     Therefore, in a short time you will again have new faces
all around you and no one will have heard your old presenta-
tion. And if they did, they will have forgotten everything

Twenty Percent Change

If you are able to modify one fifth of a presentation to suit the
particular situation, you more or less have a custom designed
show! You do not have to re-invent the wheel every time!
     Remember, your audience is forever changing and as
human beings we do forget. As long as you make some changes
your message will continue to captivate.

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