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Reward them when they do. Never, ever make someone feel
foolish in front of a group, especially not in front of their peers.

Focus on Areas Of Agreement

Isolate audience objections and place them in the proper
perspective. Balance objections with points that outweigh
them. Accent the positive and minimize the negative. Ask for
clarification on points of agreement. Have the participant
clarify the extent of their objection. Seek to understand the
questionerís point of view even if you do not agree. Say things
"I understand what you are saying, however it is my
view that..."

"That is a tough question. (Pause. Nod your head.
Look serious. Bite your lips slightly while you think.)
Wouldnít you agree that...."

"I understand what you are asking, and that leads to
an even more important question...."

"Thatís true. However I believe your concern is out-
weighed by the fact that..."
When to Answer

It is usually best to deal with questions as they arise. Donít ask
the audience to wait. But if you do promise to answer the
questions later, be sure that you do. Tell them at the beginning
how you plan to take questions. Invite them to participate. Be

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