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Take Questions From Groups

A very helpful technique is to organize your audience into
groups of three or four and have them devise one or two
     The groups tend to screen out those which are too basic or
silly and think of very thought provoking responses instead.
Your discussion of these questions will be very rewarding and
interesting to everyone concerned.

How to Answer Questions

Always maintain eye contact with the questioner while they
are talking. Indicate with your body language that you are
concentrating on them alone. Nod your head. Smile softly.
Keep your eyes open. Slowly walk away from the questioner.
     You will create an "electrical field" between you and the
questioner. The bigger the field, the more electricity is in the
air. Keep eye contact with everyone in the room so each person
will feel included.

     Whenever a participant asks you a question, be sure to
repeat it slowly and loudly so that everyone will hear it. This
will ensure total audience understanding. More importantly,
doing this will make the questioner feel good and give you more
time to think of your answer!

Thank Participants for Their Questions

Always begin by thanking the individual asking the question.
If it is not constructive or if you disagree with the comment
made simply say "thank you for your feedback". At all times,
make the questioner feel important.
     As a presenter, you want the audience to respond to you.

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