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6. Persuade Them

This is the last step and perhaps the most important one for
you. Once you are confident that your listeners have under
stood you, then and only then, focus on persuading them to
adopt your point of view and take the action you want.
     Always remember:

we only do things to gain a benefit
or to avoid a loss!

     Be sure you tell your audience "why" they should take the
action you ask them to. Persuasion will be much easier after
you have deliberately gone through the first five steps.

Your audience must
   understand Your Message   
before they can
agree with you !!!

     Your success in getting people to agree with you depends
on your mastery of all the tools of communication available to
you, not just the content of your "speech". Getting your audi-
ence to understand you is what this book is all about.

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