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How to Introduce a Speaker

A good introduction builds people’s interest in the speaker and
the topic. Use these tips when introducing someone else; or, if
you are the speaker, use them to prepare your own introduc-
tion and give it to the person welcoming you.
     What is involved in a good introduction? First, ensure the
audience is completely silent, giving their undivided atten-
tion. Next, think about what the audience wants and needs to
hear. Get that information right out in the open. Grab their
attention and explain that you will be talking about something
of great interest to them.
     Here are the three steps to an effective introduction:

I.   Establish the importance of the subject

Create a context and give a concrete example of the subject so
the audience can relate. This could be a new idea attracting
wide interest or possibly a problem that requires a solution.
For example:
     "These days in business, what you say is not as
important as how you say it. Words account for only
a small part of the total message we convey to others.
The rest comes from our style, voice, body language,
and other non-verbal forms of communication."
II.   Relate the subject to the audience’s
II.   interests at that particular moment

In a business situation, listeners will probably have particular
goals and objectives. Explain how the subject will help the

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