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Be Good to Your Voice

     If you catch your voice cracking, stop speaking and
swallow. Have a pitcher of warm water close by - not cold and
especially with no ice. Cold water causes your vocal cords to
contract, making your voice less flexible. Itís best to take a
quick sip of water before you need it. Try to drink when the
audience is not watching you. Ask them to view a visual or
write something down.
     Do not drink milk or coffee with cream before or during
your presentation! The milk in the coffee will dry up your
saliva and make your mouth gummy and can cause your voice
to crack.
     Do not eat ice cream, cheese or other dairy products either
as these will have the same effect. So does toothpaste. Soft
drinks with sugar are not good for your vocal cords either.
Warm water or plain tea is best.

If you do not conquer self,
   You will be conquered by self.   

        - Napoleon Hill

Using Your Voice Effectively

One of the most powerful tools you have as a presenter is your
voice. There is a great interdependence between the way you
use it, how you breathe and the confidence you feel. This
relationship is illustrated on the following page:

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