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- Visualize yourself for thirty seconds opening
your presentation as fast as you can, with full
, in your loudest voice and with too
much excitement

- Then, visualize yourself for another thirty
seconds slowing down to a dead crawl, speaking
very slowly, with no emotion, and a very low
     Having done this, you may now have an idea of the range
of speed requiring adjustment. Slow yourself down to just the
right speed. Work on this during rehearsal. Remember, it is
better to go slower than faster as this will make you look far
more confident. Also, be sure you incorporate some appro-
priately long pauses between sentences, particularly at the

Silence is the
   ultimate weapon   
of power

        - Charles de Gualle  

Staying on Time

     Mark your notes to remind yourself of the time. Have
someone in the audience cue you at strategic points near the
end of your presentation. Never go overtime.
     Be known as a speaker who begins on time and ends on
time! Always have a clock, but one that cannot be seen by the
audience. Check the time often, as discreetly as you can.

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