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to depend on others to a certain extent to help you achieve this.
Show them that you appreciate their assistance and that you
are depending on them to help make you look good. Be genuine.
     Send a short note or post card to everyone who has helped
you with booking arrangements. If you have any special
requests the day of your presentation or if there is an emer-
gency, these people will go the extra mile for you.


Be certain that either you or your meeting organizer announce
the topic, date, location, and time of your presentation well in
advance. If someone else is doing the promoting, at least know
what was said or written about you.
     Attendance is critical: if you are the only one to show up,
your preparation is a waste. As well, if your session is away
from the normal working environment, be sure the recom-
mended dress code is clearly announced. Everyone should
know what to wear - whether it be suits, casual clothes or
summer shorts.

Body Language

If you’ve put on a bit of weight, attempt to shed it. (As of now,
not Monday!) Tell yourself how good you look. Get a haircut
one week in advance - not the day before. Wear your favourite
suit, dress, tie or scarf providing it is appropriate for your
audience. Get a good night’s rest. Do not drink alcohol within
24 hours of your presentation - not because of hangover...

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