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Secrets to Creating
An Effective Environment

  • Arrive at your presentation room the day
    before or at least one hour prior to your

  • Turn on the air conditioning or open all the
    windows to allow fresh air into the room.

  • Know where all the light switches are
    hidden. Find out the purpose of all other
    switches on the walls so you do not touch
    the wrong ones.

  • Put out fewer chairs than you know will be
    used.Stack the rest at the back of the

  • Put a "Reserved" sign in the last row of
    chairs to encourage people to sit close to the

  • Close the curtains.

  • Locate all telephones in your presentation
    room and arrange to have them
    disconnected or call forwarded to another

  • Rearrange whatever you must in order to
    feel comfortable in the room.

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