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to turn it off. Locate the volume controls. Otherwise, it will ruin
your presentation and annoy your audience.


Be certain that your presentation is timed for greatest effect.
Pick a time with minimal distractions from other events such
as holidays, peak work periods, sporting events and other
     It is also unwise to schedule meetings immediately before
long weekends or vacation periods. Your audience might be
with you in body but their minds will be somewhere else!
     Plan to have breaks at periodic intervals (e.g. every 50/55
minutes) to allow your audience to move around, share feed-
back with other participants and absorb new ideas.
     If you do not give a recess, they will fall asleep, get
restless, and worse still, start to resent you. Know when to stop
and offer a break. Regular stretches are also much appreciated
during any long meeting.

Emergency Exit

For the safety of your audience and yourself, check the emer-
gency exits if they lead directly or indirectly out of the building.

We learn best in a pleasant

   (Don't underestimate this fact!)   

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