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Check out the roomís lighting beforehand. Is it bright enough
for everyone to see? Know where the switches are so that you
can adjust as necessary. Itís best if you can dim the lights
rather than switch them off completely.
     Locate your projectors so that you can turn the lights
down without having to walk too far. Otherwise, cue someone
to switch them down or up when you are ready.
     Never allow yourself to be in complete darkness when
using visual aids. It hurts the eyes and makes it hard for your
audience to take notes.
     An effective and dramatic illumination technique is to
have the room dark before you begin, then turn the lights up
completely when you start. This signals the audience to pay
attention to your opening.


For the convenience of your participants, place several signs
clearly indicating the location of the meeting room. If the place
is hard to reach, be sure there are posters and arrows in the
     Also, double check that everyone is given accurate direc-
tions for finding your location by quizzing the front desk clerk.
Pretend you do not know where to go (even if you do!) and find
out if they are able to give you the correct information.

Background Music

Check to see that the "elevator" music can be completely turned
off. It is nice to have it before beginning but you must be able

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