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If you have an out-of-town site, check that there is
adequate and (hopefully) free parking. Plan to park near the
exit rather than the entrance so that you can leave quickly for
your next meeting.

Room Size and Layout

Know how many people will be attending your presentation
and adjust the room accordingly. Be sure itís the right size - not
too large or too small. Check that everyone will be comfortable
and able to move easily. The best room dimensions are 1 wide
x 1.5 deep, whatever measurements you use. Itís essential that
everyone can hear and see you without straining.

     The layout should be conducive to your presentation and
allow you to shift and glide around, and have adequate space
for your visual aids and projectors. Visit the room in advance.
A hardwood rather than carpeted floor is better as it improves
the acoustics.
     Note the location of the nearest restrooms and telephones
so you can inform the audience. You will also need to know the
room arrangement and arrive an hour early or perhaps the
night before to completely arrange things as you like.
     It is important that you feel 100% comfortable with the
setting. If possible, rehearse part or all of your presentation
there to get a feel for how it will go.

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