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     Do you do any of these things? Everyone is sure to be
guilty of at least one, but recognition is the key to improve-
ment! Just looking at this list of "No Nos", it is easy to see how
the message is not all that is important when communicating
     What good is it if no one can understand or even hear
you? What good is it if your style alienates the audience?
     The purpose of your presentation should be, foremost, to
be heard, and second, to be understood. Having done this, if
things are going well, you can work on getting the listeners to
agree with you and take the action you want.

Five Sure Ways to Kill a Presentation

  • Do not make eye contact with your audience
  • Make people feel stupid - Talk down to them
  • Tell them just the facts - Nothing but the
  • Do not get excited - Keep it boring - Do not
    use any body language
  • Do not smile at all

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