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You might use a pointer which is like a telescoping radio
antenna. These gadgets can be very helpful. However, if you
play or fidget with them you will distract and annoy your
audience. The oldest are the hardwood pointers of about two
feet in length. Smack one of these around and old memories
awake! The audience will start to listen carefully because now
you are their old teacher.
     There are also laser pointers which provide a thin red
beam. These are great for highlighting. Your listeners might
be impressed if they have never seen one.
     The standard illuminated arrow pointer is a worthwhile
alternative. These are like a small flashlight with a tiny arrow-
shaped beam. Just be sure to check your batteries periodically
to be certain it is workable.
     If you use any kind of pointer, glance and move your body
toward that which you are pointing. This signals your audi-
ence to look at the idea you are trying to explain.

Pointers and Overhead Projectors

Instead of a hand held pointer for overhead transparencies you
should use a solid object as a pointer and rest it on the projector
over the transparency. Do not try to point on the screen. Use a
letter opener or a square pen that will not roll off.
     Another idea is to cut out a small cardboard arrow and
rest it on the projector. This looks very professional and is
inexpensive to do.

Working With an Assistant

There are times when you require the use of so many visual
aids that you will need some help. If you do, be sure that you

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