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Fluorescent Dry-erase Markerboards

These writing boards have all of the same features as traditi-
onal whiteboards, except that they reflect with neon-like
impact. The combination of bright, fluorescent coloured mark-
ers writing on a ghost-like surface can be quite striking to the
audience. Be careful to ensure your text is clearly visible.


There are still lots of these around. They are inexpensive,
durable and effective. Just be sure that you have an eraser
brush and lots of chalk. If your chalk squeaks - and most
audiences cannot stand this - break it in half. This unpleasant
noise comes from holding the chalk at too steep an angle. Try
45 degrees instead of 90. Another point to remember: Keep the
chalk dust off of your dark clothes! Do not touch the blackboard
with your sweaty hands! Avoid rubbing anything out by hand.
Use a brush or towel.

Reproducible Writing Boards

These are whiteboards which have an electronic scanner,
similar to a photocopier, which can reproduce everything
written down. This is quite useful for audience brain-storming
as well as explaining complicated diagrams. The audience
doesn’t have to take notes and it ensures that everyone receives
the messages you wrote on the board.


Sometimes you will want to direct your viewers to certain lines,
words, symbols or pictures on a transparency, slide or flipchart.

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